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A Las Vegas Valentine‚Äôs Day Wedding: Is It For You?

A last minute trip to the wedding capital of the country on the most romantic day of the year for a quick exchange of “I do’s”-- is it for you?

© happyfotos-berlin.de - Fotolia.comHere are a few things to consider that might help you make up your mind.


  1. There’s no waiting period.  In Clarke County, there is no requirement for a blood test or a waiting period before you get hitched. As an added bonus, the Clarke County Marriage License Bureau has extended hours for the Valentine’s Day holiday rush.
  2. The atmosphere. As the top location in the entire country to get married, there’s no doubt that there’s something special about Vegas. From the gondolas at the Venetian to the Bellagio’s picturesque fountains, the city is teeming with romantic sites and activities.
  3. The amenities. It’s easy to get married in Las Vegas. All the services you could imagine, from a wedding chapel, dress, and bouquet, to a wedding photographer, honeymoon suite, and a host of entertainment options, it’s a snap to find everything you need all within the city limits.


  1. The holidays are busy. With simplicity comes popularity. A quick getaway wedding in Las Vegas is a great idea, and there are thousands of couples already on their way. Be prepared for crowds, standing in line, and potentially waiting for hours to do what you want.
  2. It might be hard to get exactly what you'd like. One of the reasons it takes 12 months (or more) to plan a wedding is to make sure you have all of your details squared away. Flying to Vegas so near the Valentine’s Day holiday without any reservations might mean less choices or options, and lots of frustration.
  3. There’s no room for friends.  Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and you’ll likely want to spend it with some close friends and family, even if it’s just for an impromptu reception. This is where Lady Luck can either extend you her hand or turn her back on you. Due to the influx of people, it might be difficult to find a place or event that you can attend all together.

So there you have it, both sides of the argument. Now it’s up to you. Will you take the gamble and go all in for a Valentine’s Day wedding in Las Vegas?


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