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Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Deciding to get married in Las Vegas is easy.

Even choosing to hire a Las Vegas wedding photographer to capture special moments of your wedding on film is a breeze.

Picking the kind of wedding to have in Las Vegas? That's another story all together.

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Las Vegas, the "self proclaimed wedding capital of the world" boasts roughly 120,000 marriage licenses issued a year, and it's easy to see why. With chapels up and down the strip, and wedding packages in world-class resorts left and right, you can find a way to have just about any wedding you can imagine in Vegas.

Indeed, whether you want a picture perfect ceremony overlooking the Bellagio Lago Di Como with the option to have your wedding broadcast live on the internet, a quick I Do in the Vegas Wedding Drive Thru Wedding Chapel,  or something in between, you can find it here in Las Vegas.

Just make sure that what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas--be sure to have a wedding photographer tag along to catch every single unbelievable memory.


Friday Roundup #2: I Do To Dos

Everyone has their I Do To Do List. You know, everything that needs to be done before and after you say "I Do." Whether your list includes booking a church and the hottest DJ in town, or making sure to pack your passport and tent for the outdoor adventure honeymoon, there is always a lot to do. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider adding to your I Do To Do List.

Alex Bouthillier Photography

 Head over to Glamour Weddings to learn about the wedding photo that absolutely MUST be on your shot list.

Have you thought about what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Casa Sugar has an interesting answer.

Rock n Roll Bride has a photoshoot you may not have thought of, that is a lovely supplement to your photos of the Big Day.

And finally...all right, so this one doesn't have to do with planning, but I dare you to resist looking at these photos of the gorgeous Bhutan Royal Wedding over at Tres Sugar.

It's true, there can be a lot to do to create your dream wedding, but the memories (and maybe the dress framed on your wall) will last a lifetime.


Friday Roundup #1: Fall Weddings

The fall equinox has come and gone, which means summer is officially over. What better way to get into the autumn spirit of vibrant colors, scarf weather, and hot cocoa, than to see what brides are doing to make their fall weddings unforgettable.

Chantal Andrea

1. Head on over to The Knot to find ideas for a fabulous fall wedding. It's never too early to start planning your big day-- try one of these 11 great ideas for inspiration.

2. The end of September is also the perfect time to start thinking about the spookiest day of the year. Take a look at these colorful Halloween themed weddings over on Tres Sugar.

3. Speaking of spooky, you can't start thinking about Halloween without first considering zombies. Take a look at this couple's unique way of photographing their engagement.

4. Finally, if you're entertaining the idea of a fall wedding, but can't stand the idea of leaves, pumpkins and red in your wedding, have no fear. Once again, The Knot comes to the rescue by busting 5 fall wedding myths.

So there you have it. Summer shlummer. Bring on fall!


5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Source: Weymuller Photography

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding and it can be difficult to think of everything on your own. Here are some important questions to ask yourself that will help you decide what kind of wedding photography will best suit you on your big day.

1. When do you want to have your photos taken?

It is important to know if you would like to take your photos before or after the ceremony (or both!), if you would like pictures during your ceremony, and / or during the reception.

2. How much time would you like to spend on your photos?

Blocking out time for your photos is critical on your big day. Do you want your photos to be quick and easy? Or are there specific photos you are absolutely positive you want to have? Will you be needing to organize large groups? How much time do you have before the ceremony? Between the ceremony and the reception? At the reception itself?

3. Can your fiance´ see you before the ceremony?

This might seem like a silly question, but tradition is hard to argue with, particularly when your parents, grandparents or fiance´ is on tradition's side. Make sure you discuss with your family, wedding party and friends before scheduling your photos on the day of your wedding.

4. How much are you willing to spend on your wedding photos?

For some brides, a single shot of herself in a white dress and a veil, and a few photos of her nearest and dearest are more than enough to remember her wedding. For other brides, it's very important to have shots of all of her guests, her family, the wedding party, the cake, the flowers, the ceremony, the first kiss, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, and so forth. Most photographers have packages to choose from that vary in length and options that can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Be realistic about your budget, and prioritize other costs if prices start to look daunting.

5. Do you have a specific shot list?

A shot list can help enormously if you're worried about time, budget, or getting that one photo you absolutely have to have. By taking some time to really think about your photos, and prearranging for the shots you'd most like to have, it can not only help you select the photographer that's best for your special day, but also make it easier to plan out your wedding day itinerary.

After you answer these questions, choosing the wedding photography style, and wedding photographer best for you should be a much easier task. Happy planning!


Nice to meet you! We're Wedding Photography

First of all, congratulations! If you're here, you're probably engaged and have embarked on the exciting (and stressful!) task of planning your perfect wedding.

Here at Wedding Photography, we want to help. We're gathering  information about the newest ideas in wedding photography, building archives of classic styles, and getting to know photographers everywhere.

We'll look into what you really need to know about hiring a wedding photographer, help you sort out budgeting for the pictures you want, and making this part of planning your dream day that much easier.

So check back with us soon as we continue to grow. Happy planning!
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