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Featured Photographer |Roberto Farren Photography

For Roberto Farren, it’s about getting the whole story of a wedding by catching the glimmering details on camera along the way.  His stylish photos tell a dynamic narrative of what the bride and groom’s day was really like.

Roberto Farren PhotographyFarren, a transplant from London, labels his style as editorial and blends photojournalism with just the right splash of styling to make each photo stand out and catch the eye. While he likes to help each couple look their best in their photos, he says, “I want to capture those gone in a second moments of emotion as well.”

Roberto Farren PhotographyIndeed, for Farren, it is the story “from start to finish” that is his favorite part about shooting weddings. “Individual parts of the day have different levels of significance but going through an album really wraps everything up nicely,” he explains.

Each of his images are like miniature stories in themselves, preserving an instant that will be talked about later many times over. Whether it’s a memory of being with family and friends,

Roberto Farren Photography

or the feeling of taking those first steps as husband and wife,

Roberto Farren PhotographyFarren's pictures seem to magnify the emotion and the splendor of the occasion. View more of Roberto Farren's eloquent photos at Roberto Farren Photography.


Featured Photographer | Crystal Broussard Photography

With the click of her camera, Crystal Broussard takes not just a picture of a wedding, but creates a window into the event itself. She seeks out the subtle aspects of the special day to preserve in images what makes a couple so perfect together.

Crystal Broussard PhotographyAs Broussard explains, “I believe the most beautiful photographs often are very simple and include those ‘real life’ moments.” She certainly has an eye for the true nature of a pair, snapping candids imbued with their personal liveliness and love.

Crystal Broussard PhotographyAlways grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a couple’s big day, Broussard feels the romance and the joyous reality of every occasion, and allows it to saturate her photographs.

Crystal Broussard PhotographyShe delights in being able to preserve the memories—both large and small—for the bride and groom.

Crystal Broussard Photography

As for what got her interested in the business of taking photos, Broussard says she never made a conscious decision to become a photographer, “I just found that I had a deep admiration for the field and slowly fell madly in love with photography.” And her passion for the discipline shines through in her glowing images.

For more information about Crystal Broussard and her services, visit Crystal Broussard Photography.


Featured Photographer | Vincent David Johnson Photography

Vincent David Johnson’s style fuses high level execution with a playful perspective when documenting a wedding. The images he produces are at times serious, at other times humorous—but always meaningful as they chronicle, with honesty and heart, the moments of the bride and groom’s special day.

Vincent David Johnson Photography

Johnson’s approach allows him to not only photograph the polished dazzle of the wedding day, but also the quirky flashes of personality specific to each twosome. And as he explains, “a lot of my couples’ favorite images are the ones that are ironic or humorous and not necessarily just the beautiful photos.”

Juxtaposing the traditional elements of the event with the practical details of the day, Johnson succeeds in mixing light-hearted sentiment with tangible, grounded, memories.

Vincent David Johnson PhotographyIndeed, his technical proficiency and extensive experience in other photography fields give him the skills and confidence to snap photos other photographers might not get. With respect and professionalism, Johnson uses “the access and openness a couple, their friends & family will give,” to him to record the bright, sparkling moments,

Vincent David Johnson Photographyas well as the little details that make it all so special.

Vincent David Johnson PhotographyView more of Vincent David Johnson’s compelling images at Vincent David Johnson Photography.


Featured Photographer | Brighter Image Photography

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter wedding for Charles and Karen Bean of Brighter Image Photography. The Beans understand that each wedding is unique and they strive to shoot images that reflect the nuances of the day and make it true to the couple.

Brighter Image Photography

This husband and wife team take great care to capture in their photographs what is most significant to each bride and groom. Whether it’s the location, the ceremony, or the family and friends that come to share the couple’s joy, Charles and Karen are sure to highlight with simplicity and grace what really matters to the duo-in-love.

Brighter Image PhotographyWhether what is of importance is large or small,

Brighter Image Photographythe Beans catch these details of the day in such a way that whenever the wedding couple looks at the pictures--be it a few months or a few decades later-- the memories resonate. As Karen Bean remarks, “we offer images to last a lifetime, and images that we hope stand out from the rest.”

Brighter Image Photography

Indeed, the Beans recognize the value of each part of the wedding day, and how each individual moment caught on camera is meaningful to the bride and groom.

Visit Charles and Karen Bean’s website, Brighter Image Photography, for more information.


Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Advice from Behind the Lens

This week, we're happy to present a guest post from featured photographer Jill Lauren, of Jill Lauren Photography.

Jill Lauren Photography

Working with your wedding photographer should be seamless, easy and fun. Included are a few suggestions on how to make your wedding day amazing because of your photographer.

It all starts when you hire a photographer. I totally understand budgets and bottom lines – with that in mind, make sure you hire someone that has a great personality. Not every photographer is going to understand or “get you”. Interview a few that are within your budget. Always follow your gut and hire the one you “like”  the best. (You’ll need to like them to spend all day walking around and listening to what they want you to do)

The next best thing to do after you’ve hired your favorite wedding photographer  -  Plan an Engagement Session. This is the PERFECT opportunity to work together without the pressure of the wedding day. This simple concept of getting to know each other on a professional level makes your wedding day photos smooth and amazing. (plus, as a bonus – you’ll get additional great images of yourself. Win-Win)

Jill Lauren Photography

While you may be working on your “day-of” timeline with your venue, DJ, or wedding planner – your photographer is a KEY individual that needs to be involved with this timeline. Ask for feedback regarding start times, sunset times, various photo schedules (portraits, family photos, bridal party photos). I’m assuming your photos are on the TOP of your priority list – so MAKE the necessary time for those images by scheduling it in with your photographers advice and suggestions.

This last suggestion seems like a no-brainer. But it is so important. Communicate with your photographer. Lots and lots of open communication. Email, text, call her on the phone. Share your ideas and inspiration. Some photographers like receiving ideas (hello pinterest addicts), while others may have their own unique style….it doesn’t matter. Tell her what you like, what you don’t like and what you dream your wedding could be. She will listen. She will absorb. Your photographer should take your ideas, her style and expertise and blend them together for your own one of a kind wedding experience.

Jill Lauren Photography

When you follow these simple suggestions – you’re nearly guaranteed a good experience with your wedding photographer, which in turn means a seamless and nearly perfect wedding day.


Jill Lauren is a photojournalistic wedding photographer in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves Arizona weddings and destination weddings. She enjoys working and shooting with her husband. Their business, Jill Lauren Photography, was established 3 years ago. Jill@JillLaurenPhotography.com (602) 628-0301

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