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Featured Photographer | Wedding Images Photography

With over twenty years of photographing Colorado weddings under his belt, you would think nothing surprises Warren Diggles of Wedding Images Photography, but the unexpected at weddings is something he relishes.

Wedding Images PhotographyDiggles enjoys the opportunity to record the wedding day for the couple, their family and friends. He prefers to catch the notable goings-on of the occasion as they happen, instead of arranging the people or events. 

Wedding Images Photography With subtlety and finesse, he snaps images full of movement, life, and substance.

Wedding Images PhotographyDiggles notes, “there are always surprises at weddings and capturing them on camera is exhilarating.” One of his favorite wedding moments involves the smaller members of a wedding party. “The little girl didn't want to walk down the aisle, “he explains, “so the other two took it into their own hands to get her to the [altar]. The funny thing is she didn't fuss at all about being dragged, it was just too overwhelming with everyone looking at her for her to walk herself.”

Wedding Images PhotographyIt is stories like this that will be remembered for years; Diggles recognizes these flashes of serendipity and his photographs are infused with the spirit of the day.

Learn more about Warren Diggles' Wedding Photography at www.WeddingImagesPhotography.com.



Featured Photographer | JHunter Photography

John and Hannah Hunter of JHunter Photography find the beauty of true love in its many incarnations at the destination weddings they shoot, and take great care to spotlight that inimitable love between the bride and groom.

JHunter PhotographyBe it funny, serious, casual or romantic, the Hunters relish the challenge of “capturing and reflecting that [love] with photos and creative editing.” And their images have charisma and joie de vivre in spades.

JHunter PhotographyWhat’s more, the duo appreciates the particular buoyancy of spirit common among destination wedding couples and guests. As John says, “we work with people from all over that really want to focus on the joy of the event.” He goes on to explain that the more people are relaxed, the better the opportunity to capture real personalities, nuances and genuine moments. The Hunters catch just that on camera-- vibrant snapshots of a bride and groom's special day.

JHunter PhotographyIn addition to the couple and their family and friends, the locations of the destination weddings become almost another guest of the event themselves in the Hunters’ photographs—always present in the background adding mood and memory to each picture.

JHunter PhotographyEnjoy more of John and Hannah Hunter’s breathtaking shots, and find information about their services at JHunter Photography.


Featured Photographer | Wollwerth Imagery

John Wollwerth of Wollwerth Imagery isn’t satisfied with simply recording a wedding's events. He strives to encapsulate not just the happenings, but the emotion and even the art of the occasion.

Wollwerth ImageryWollwerth puts his myriad skills from his multifaceted background to work in finding unique ways to photograph the big day.

Whether it’s dramatic lighting or an unusual angle (or both),

Wollwerth Imagery

Wollwerth uses his talent and artist’s perspective to create truly remarkable images.

Wollwerth Imagery

Moreover, he enjoys the excitement of having one chance to capture these moments of magic during the wedding day. In fact, one of his favorite weddings typifies this challenge and reward.

Wollwerth was photographing a couple’s wedding in Beaufort, SC on the day the city was celebrating its 300th anniversary. “I had a pretty good idea where the fireworks were going to be in the sky, so we set up and waited. As soon as the fireworks started, I had the couple stand very still so I could catch the colorful bursts behind them,” and we agree with Wollwerth when he says the results speak for themselves.

Wollwerth Imagery

John Wollwerth’s inspired images and information about his services can be found at Wollwerth Imagery.


Featured Photographer | E. Leise Photo Design

Erik Leise of E. Leise Photo Design appreciates that no two weddings are the same. He seeks to capture the "je ne sais quoi" that defines each wedding and makes it matchless to any other—namely, the love between the bride and the groom, and how the couple celebrates it with their families and friends.

E. Leise Photo DesignAs he observes, “even when shooting in the same location time and time again, there are still changes which make the day unique.” Leise finds the epitome of what makes the wedding special to the couple getting married, and highlights it in his photographs.

E. Leise Photo DesignWhile it’s his priority to catch on camera as much of the wedding day as possible, Leise always takes great care to be unobtrusive, to allow the wedding to flourish around him.

His images are uncluttered, warm, and emotive. Their simplicity allows the heart of the wedding to shine through, the beginning of the new life the bride and groom will share together.

Whether it’s an incandescent image of the couple solo,

E. Leise Photo Designor a bustling, joy-filled shot with family and friends,

E. Leise Photo DesignLeise manages to convey clearly the beauty and genuine feeling of the moment.

For more photos by Erik Leise and information about his photography services, visit E. Leise Photo Design.


Featured Photographer | Nathan Moreau Photography

Nathan Moreau looks for the real couple within the sparkle and shine of the wedding day. Indeed, Moreau excels at capturing the authentic moments of the duo-in-love  that expresses who they truly are, amidst the excitement and the splendor.

Nathan Moreau Photography

Moreau’s images are steeped in personality and charm with a polish that enhances the individuality of the couple.

Nathan Moreau Photography

Above all, he strives to provide first-rate images and experiences for those he photographs. In his own words, Moreau says, “we constantly strive for the best in our company and ourselves. This is so that we can say with confidence that our clients cannot receive better service, quality, and dedication elsewhere.”

Nathan Moreau Photography

One such example of this dedication to provide the best possible experience is an engagement photo shoot that took a turn for the snowier. “The sun had barely come up at a local farm and we were about 10 minutes into our shoot when it started to blizzard!” exclaims Moreau. But that didn’t stop him from persevering and working well with the couple to produce some extraordinary images like this one:

Nathan Moreau Photography

Learn more about Nathan Moreau's commitment to craft and talent behind the lens at Nathan Moreau Photography.

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