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Featured Photographer | Adept Wedding Photography

While it’s impossible to say the photographers at Adept Wedding Photography have seen it all, it’s certain that they’ve seen plenty. From heartfelt looks exchanged during a ceremony, to watching an entire wedding party jump into Biscayne Bay, the team at Adept are prepared for just about anything.

Adept Wedding PhotographyThe talented trio is particularly fond of the photojournalistic style, as it’s a great way to catch those serendipitous moments unique to each wedding. Adept Wedding Photography’s principal wedding photographer, Brian, switches effortlessly between shooting traditional portraits and candid photojournalistic images during the event so that his photos reflect the day exactly as it took place.

Adept Wedding PhotographyOne of the team’s favorite parts of photographing weddings, in addition to catching engaging images of the festivities, is supplying pictures from the day that even the bride or groom may have missed.

Adept Wedding PhotographyAs Kim, Office Manager and “Director of First Impressions” states, “we […] love it when they say to us that they didn’t even see something happening at their wedding and we captured it for them.”

Adept Wedding PhotographyIn short, the experience and artistic talent found at Adept Wedding Photography ensures lustrous photos that truly convey a couple’s one-of-a-kind wedding day.

For more information about the company and their stellar team, visit Adept Wedding Photography.


Featured Photographer | Beck and Call Photography

Jennifer Catron of Beck and Call Photography is a true believer in weddings. Her method revolves around staying nearly invisible as events transpire so she can photograph memories the instant they happen, undisturbed by her presence.

Beck and Call PhotographyWith a deep background in different types of photography, Catron found her calling shooting weddings and uses her previous experience to enrich her already captivating photos.

Beck and Call Photography

In her own words she explains, “I believe that ALL weddings happen perfectly for that bride and groom, the lighting is exactly as it should be, the stage is set exactly as it should be, and it's my job to interpret all those things and know exactly how to capture it.”

Beck and Call PhotographyCertainly, Catron knows when to briefly step forward to arrange a few classic shots, and when to melt into the background and allow the events to flow uninterrupted around her.

Beck and Call Photography

In addition to taking stunning photos, Catron lives by her company’s name: "if the bride needs a tylenol, a tide to go pen, extra space to get the flowers to the church I have it. It's how I got my name. Beck and Call Photography.”

Want to know more? Visit Jennifer Catron’s website at Beck and Call Photography.


Featured Photographer | Brosphoto Wedding Photography

It can be difficult to choose between photography styles when trying to envision the pictures for your wedding. Peter and Dicky of Brosphoto Wedding Photography simply eliminate the need to choose, shooting a combination of both traditional portraits and modern candid shots.

The result is a well-balanced blend of images that capture the essence of the wedding day in the most striking way possible.

From elegant, classic images,

Brosphoto Wedding Photographyand perfectly timed, candid snapshots,

Brosphoto Wedding Photographyto flashes of exuberant joy and fun that makes the wedding day truly special,

Brosphoto Wedding PhotographyPeter and Dicky know exactly how to catch any given second of a wedding. These versatile photographers use the style best suited to the moment, instead of bending the moment to fit their style. As Peter says, what matters to them most is, “catching thru our lenses the individuality and character of the couple throughout the Big Day.”

Brosphoto Wedding PhotographySo for couples who want to have their wedding cake and eat it too, Peter and Dicky’s portrait journalistic style provides the flexibility and range to photograph the memories of a wedding day exactly as they should be.

Learn more about photographers Peter and Dicky, and get information about their services at Brosphoto Wedding Photography.


Featured Photographer | Adam A. Palmer Photography

A picture can instantly become a part someone’s history and this resonates with Adam Palmer. In fact, Palmer considers himself lucky that he gets to help couples on a day of their own personal history by capturing the cherished moments of their wedding day.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyPalmer describes his style as “spontaneous,” and is always watchful for those “quick glimpses of joy and love,” throughout the day. Whether his subjects strike a pose or he’s catching candids through his lens, Palmer creates stunning snapshots of what the wedding was truly like.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyWhen asked what is his favorite part about shooting weddings, Palmer finds it hard to choose. “Everyone is so happy. Everything is so beautiful,” he lists. Being around the elation and bliss of these couples never gets old for Palmer, and his enthusiasm shows through in his images.

Adam A. Palmer Photography In sum, amidst the swirl of emotions and memories, Palmer uses his keen and artistic eye to photograph the enchanting hallmarks of the day so that couples have a little part of their wedding to keep forever.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyTake a look at more of Adam Palmer’s dazzling photos and learn about his services at Adam A. Palmer Photography.


Getting the Most Out of Your Engagement Shoot

Too often brides and grooms rule out the need for an engagement shoot without first considering the benefits. From excuses like time constraints to budget decisions, it can seem easy to pass on this pre-wedding event.

Angel Navarro Photography

However, before you start bartering with your photographer to skip the engagement shoot in favor of a smaller price tag, be sure you take some time to weigh the pros versus the cons. An engagement shoot is much more valuable than you might think.

  1. Quality time with your photographer. An engagement shoot is the ideal time to get to know your photographer, and more importantly, for him or her to get to know you. You can get used to having your photo taken by a professional, and your photographer can experiment with angles, poses, lighting and other ideas so he or she can be more prepared and in tune with what you’ll want on your wedding day.
  2. Finding your good side. Being able to see photos of yourselves by the photographer who will be doing your wedding gives you concrete examples of photos you love, and also maybe angles or shots that you’d prefer to avoid.
  3. Bonus round. An engagement session can be a great excuse to try out your hair and makeup prior to your wedding or the perfect time to take some chances you’ll have to forgo on the big day. For example, take the opportunity to see exactly how your makeup will photograph, or show off the vivid burnt orange dress you weren’t able to work into your wedding.

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the need for a beautiful, recent photo of you and your hubby-to-be. Aside from chronicling this special time in your life, engagement photos are a great option for details like your save-the-dates, programs, favors, or thank you cards. They are also ideal if you’re planning to submit a formal engagement announcement or wedding announcement to your local paper.

Don’t think of an engagement photo session as a luxury, but as a smart way to prepare for your wedding photos, and a fun, easy way to get some beautiful images of you and your beloved together prior to your special day.

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