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Photographer’s Spotlight | D Coleman Photography Featured Wedding

We’re excited to present once again the work of one of our esteemed featured photographers, David Coleman of  D Coleman Photography.

There are so many reasons that we love Coleman’s work.  Whether it’s the tangible connection he creates in his pictures to the couples and their weddings, or the vintage finishes that give his photos added élan, Coleman’s work is always delightful and compelling.

Today, Coleman shares with us the wedding of Zeb and Abby at Springhouse Gardens in Joplin, MO.

Take first the couple, Zeb and Abby. As Coleman characterizes them, “This couple was real. Real with their love for each other, real with their desire to share their day with me and my wife as if we were long-time friends.” Take note of the playful L-O-V-E shot that has Coleman’s artful texturing.

Next, notice the breathtaking Springhouse Gardens location and add silver-lining weather. Coleman relays that the day was stormy until just before the wedding was about to begin and then, “the clouds broke and blue skies lit up the tree side ceremony. The final touch for the photos was when the rainbow appeared over the tree line.”

And don’t forget the DIY elements, like the flower bulb planting and rustic flourishes throughout, which added sweetness and character to both the day as a whole as well as the pictures. Coleman remarks that in addition to the thoughtful and decorative details, the “lighting was as perfect as it could be and that made for some fun captures.”


Between the charm of the day, and the first-rate images by David Coleman, we’d say Zeb and Abby’s event definitely gives inspiration for how picturesque and romantic a garden wedding can be.


Featured Photographer | Summerford Photography

Kelli Summerford experiences weddings through the lens of her camera, taking pictures that capture the verve and spirit of the event. Her images are saturated with the energy, atmosphere and emotion of the joyful affair.

Summerford PhotographyNot limiting herself to a single style, Summerford favors a “fusion” of traditional and photojournalistic photography that allows her to shoot in a way best suited to the instant. She states, “I photograph the events as they happen in the most attractive way.”

Summerford Photography

Summerford offers fully customizable packages making it easy for the couple to get exactly what they want. She also plans carefully with the bride and groom so that everyone is prepared on the day.

Her keen eye and artistic background give Summerford everything she needs to take absorbing, truthful pictures. In her words, she explains, “my favorite part of photographing a wedding would be the moments when I can feel the positive energy of the events.”

Whether she draws on the mood to snap an upbeat and quirky spin on a traditional photo,

Summerford Photographyor a timeless, solemn image of the bride and groom,

Summerford Photography

Summerford finds a way to compress the immense feelings of a wedding into tidy, charming visual packages.

Learn more about Kelli Summerford’s services at Summerford Photography.


Featured Photographer | JB Photographers

Jeff Berger and Joe Brucculeiri are veterans of the wedding photography business and know exactly what it takes to produce stunning photos. Even after nearly twenty years in the industry together, Berger and Brucculeiri continue to give exceptional care and attention to each wedding they shoot.

JB PhotographersThese two photographers truly enjoy the people part of the job-- especially working with the bride and groom. For example, Berger and Brucculeiri include an engagement photo session as part of every wedding package, which helps them get to know the couple in a relaxed setting, and gives the couple a chance to get comfortable with them.

JB PhotographersIndeed, both lensmen strongly believe that, “it is our responsibility to the bride & groom to add to their enjoyment of the day, not add to the stress.”

JB PhotographersWhen the wedding day arrives, this duo strives to keep the picture process smooth and easy, and promise that, “when things don’t go as planned (almost every wedding) we go with the flow.”

Unflappable photographers Berger and Brucculeiri produce images of polished grace, ebullience, and everything in between. They know how to show a wedding’s best side, which they do with each photograph they take.

JB PhotographersFor more information about the work of Jeff Berger and Joe Brucculeiri, visit JB Photographers.


Featured Photographer | Robert Castagna Photography

Robert Castagna focuses his lens on the personal story at the center of a wedding, the one unique to the couple. His images are direct but lyrical, allowing a glimpse inside the day as it was felt by the bride and groom.

Robert Castagna PhotographyCastagna demonstrates his prowess for storytelling with these photos from a wedding in Boston’s North End in 2011. They are perfect examples of catching the day moment by superlative moment, and proves that a vibrant background can enhance, rather than eclipse, a wedding.

Robert Castagna PhotographyAs he explains, “It was a true experience and that to me is key for a wedding day, and life for that matter!” Castagna entwines the setting (which was particularly meaningful to the couple) with the jubilant emotions of the wedding and the celebration as a whole to highlight the actions in the shot as well as the importance of the atmosphere.

Robert Castagna PhotographyWhat’s more, he is always on the hunt for images that transcend mere documentation of the day. Castagna states, “It's the moment of capture, the experience unfolding before my eyes that makes the picture.” Indeed, his honest snapshots articulate what makes each wedding so monumentally special.

Robert Castagna PhotographyFor more of Robert Castagna’s expressive pictures, go to Robert Castagna Photography.


Featured Photographer | Expose the Moment

Gary Harfield of Expose the Moment zeroes in on the outpouring of feeling and the celebration of the wedding day, taking photos alive with the emotions of the occasion. His photographs are crisp, clear images that seem to bubble with the giddy exhilaration of the event.

Expose the MomentIn his own words, Harfield explains, “I enjoy capturing the love of the bride and groom and the family and friends that surround the couple on their special day.” And his photos typify the utter happiness and bliss felt by all in attendance.

Expose the MomentHarfield shoots as the moment requires—switching between formal, semi-formal and photojournalistic styles as the day unfolds to catch each memory on camera exactly as it was meant to be caught. In addition to unobtrusively snapping candids, he is also able to arrange dramatic, breathtaking pictures,

Expose the Momentas well as more whimsical ones that display the personality of the bride and groom.

Expose the Moment

Harfield’s photographs transport the viewer to a specific instant of felicity and merriment, communicating, both visually and viscerally, every last ounce of genuine sentiment. In short, his pictures speak for themselves.

Enjoy more of Gary Harfield’s luminous images and learn more about his services at Expose the Moment.

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