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Featured Photographer | Photography Your Way

Gary Abramson of Photography Your Way transforms the ephemeral moments of a wedding into indelible images that will last a lifetime. His uncluttered and insightful snapshots are satisfying vignettes that tell the real story of the day.

Photography Your WayDeftly capturing the spectrum of emotions, Abramson finds it to be his favorite part of photographing these types of events. He also respects and admires the beauty of a wedding, remarking that he loves, “being part of one of the happiest days in a person’s life.”

Photography Your WayAbramson feels at home shooting all types of wedding photography, but he admits he is partial to a particular style. Indeed, he explains that while he enjoys taking formal pictures, “the more artsy and the candids are where it's at for me.”

Photography Your WayWith the wishes of the couple always at the forefront of his mind, Abramson collects both the sprawling scope of the occasion as well as the smaller but all-important details in his photographs and presents them with his own creative vision.

Photography Your WayIndeed, whether large or small, Abramson takes the distinctive elements that make a wedding true to the bride and groom and illuminates them elegantly in his images.

For more information about Gary Abramson’s photography, visit Photography Your Way.


Featured Photographer | Bering Photography

Glenn Bering of Bering Photography finds the unexpected happenstance within the flow of the wedding day to be the most rewarding to photograph, and he catches it with a technical vision and finesse learned from shooting with film before digital cameras became the norm.

Bering Photography

“I prefer candids and a photojournalistic style,” Bering states, and with this approach, he catches images with artistic flair and imagination. His distinctive style gives him a niche, as he explains, appealing to creative couples—like avant-garde film makers—involved with the arts.

But what does ‘photojournalistic’ mean when applied to Bering as a photographer? Well, his portfolio is well-balanced with heartfelt, emotive images that capture the romance of the day,

Bering Photography

and an array of perfectly-timed snapshots that evoke the personalities of the subjects as well as the lighthearted spirit of the wedding.

Bering Photography

Yet even with these examples, it only scratches the surface of what Bering’s style is really all about. His knowledge and experience with film cameras give his photographs an almost tactile quality—whether taken with film or shot digitally—and this, in turn, adds to the sincerity of the image.

Bering PhotographyFor more of the subtle panache found in Glenn Bering’s photos, visit Bering Photography.


Featured Photographer |Roberto Farren Photography

For Roberto Farren, it’s about getting the whole story of a wedding by catching the glimmering details on camera along the way.  His stylish photos tell a dynamic narrative of what the bride and groom’s day was really like.

Roberto Farren PhotographyFarren, a transplant from London, labels his style as editorial and blends photojournalism with just the right splash of styling to make each photo stand out and catch the eye. While he likes to help each couple look their best in their photos, he says, “I want to capture those gone in a second moments of emotion as well.”

Roberto Farren PhotographyIndeed, for Farren, it is the story “from start to finish” that is his favorite part about shooting weddings. “Individual parts of the day have different levels of significance but going through an album really wraps everything up nicely,” he explains.

Each of his images are like miniature stories in themselves, preserving an instant that will be talked about later many times over. Whether it’s a memory of being with family and friends,

Roberto Farren Photography

or the feeling of taking those first steps as husband and wife,

Roberto Farren PhotographyFarren's pictures seem to magnify the emotion and the splendor of the occasion. View more of Roberto Farren's eloquent photos at Roberto Farren Photography.


Featured Photographer | Wollwerth Imagery

John Wollwerth of Wollwerth Imagery isn’t satisfied with simply recording a wedding's events. He strives to encapsulate not just the happenings, but the emotion and even the art of the occasion.

Wollwerth ImageryWollwerth puts his myriad skills from his multifaceted background to work in finding unique ways to photograph the big day.

Whether it’s dramatic lighting or an unusual angle (or both),

Wollwerth Imagery

Wollwerth uses his talent and artist’s perspective to create truly remarkable images.

Wollwerth Imagery

Moreover, he enjoys the excitement of having one chance to capture these moments of magic during the wedding day. In fact, one of his favorite weddings typifies this challenge and reward.

Wollwerth was photographing a couple’s wedding in Beaufort, SC on the day the city was celebrating its 300th anniversary. “I had a pretty good idea where the fireworks were going to be in the sky, so we set up and waited. As soon as the fireworks started, I had the couple stand very still so I could catch the colorful bursts behind them,” and we agree with Wollwerth when he says the results speak for themselves.

Wollwerth Imagery

John Wollwerth’s inspired images and information about his services can be found at Wollwerth Imagery.


Featured Photographer | Nathan Moreau Photography

Nathan Moreau looks for the real couple within the sparkle and shine of the wedding day. Indeed, Moreau excels at capturing the authentic moments of the duo-in-love  that expresses who they truly are, amidst the excitement and the splendor.

Nathan Moreau Photography

Moreau’s images are steeped in personality and charm with a polish that enhances the individuality of the couple.

Nathan Moreau Photography

Above all, he strives to provide first-rate images and experiences for those he photographs. In his own words, Moreau says, “we constantly strive for the best in our company and ourselves. This is so that we can say with confidence that our clients cannot receive better service, quality, and dedication elsewhere.”

Nathan Moreau Photography

One such example of this dedication to provide the best possible experience is an engagement photo shoot that took a turn for the snowier. “The sun had barely come up at a local farm and we were about 10 minutes into our shoot when it started to blizzard!” exclaims Moreau. But that didn’t stop him from persevering and working well with the couple to produce some extraordinary images like this one:

Nathan Moreau Photography

Learn more about Nathan Moreau's commitment to craft and talent behind the lens at Nathan Moreau Photography.

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