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Featured Photographer | Adam A. Palmer Photography

A picture can instantly become a part someone’s history and this resonates with Adam Palmer. In fact, Palmer considers himself lucky that he gets to help couples on a day of their own personal history by capturing the cherished moments of their wedding day.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyPalmer describes his style as “spontaneous,” and is always watchful for those “quick glimpses of joy and love,” throughout the day. Whether his subjects strike a pose or he’s catching candids through his lens, Palmer creates stunning snapshots of what the wedding was truly like.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyWhen asked what is his favorite part about shooting weddings, Palmer finds it hard to choose. “Everyone is so happy. Everything is so beautiful,” he lists. Being around the elation and bliss of these couples never gets old for Palmer, and his enthusiasm shows through in his images.

Adam A. Palmer Photography In sum, amidst the swirl of emotions and memories, Palmer uses his keen and artistic eye to photograph the enchanting hallmarks of the day so that couples have a little part of their wedding to keep forever.

Adam A. Palmer PhotographyTake a look at more of Adam Palmer’s dazzling photos and learn about his services at Adam A. Palmer Photography.


Featured Photographer | Jill Lauren Photography

It’s impossible not to be swept up in the joy of a wedding day when you look at photos by Jill Lauren Photography. The love between the bride and groom speak volumes to this husband and wife photography team, and it shows in their buoyant images.

Jill Lauren PhotographyThis photography duo excels at following the subtle gestures--the looks, the smiles, the little moments. It is these, bursting with the love that encapsulates the day, that they capture.

Jill Lauren Photography In catching what the day truly felt like, Jill and Christopher make it possible for couples to relive those seconds instantly, with nothing more than a glance at a picture.

Jill Lauren Photography

It is safe to say that Jill Lauren Smith is a true romantic. As half of a happily married couple, she deeply understands the love that compels two people to get married, and further explains, “…we know why they are doing this. We understand how important this day is for them. We love being there for them.”

Jill Lauren PhotographyAnd it translates brilliantly from their lens to their photographs. Experience more of Jill and Christopher’s radiant images and explore their wedding photography services at Jill Lauren Photography.


Featured Photographer | Almanza Photography

For James Almanza, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and yet simultaneously being out of the way. He has a talent for capturing the essence of a wedding on camera unobtrusively, as the day's events unfold around him.

Almanza describes his photographic style as “classic editorial candids with fine art and fun mixed in.”

Almanza Photography He considers it a privilege to photograph a couple’s wedding and strives to catch the spirit and substance of each wedding he shoots. From the “once in a lifetime moments” like the ceremony,

Almanza Photographyto the memories unique to each bride and groom,

Almanza PhotographyAlmanza pinpoints the vibrancy and emotion of the instant and preserves it in an image.

One of his favorite parts of photographing weddings is getting to see the couple “experience their wedding from a guest’s point of view,” when they first see their photos. Indeed, Almanza has a saying, “Taking a good picture is easy. Taking a picture someone else will think is good, not so easy.” Though from his photos, “not so easy” seems almost effortless for James Almanza.

Almanza PhotographySee more of his vivid photos and learn more about Almanza’s wedding photography services at Admired Weddings.


Featured Photographer | Camera Creations

When you look at photographs taken by Julie Hopkins of Camera Creations, words like elegant, graceful, and romantic immediately come to mind. With her background as a professional ballet dancer, years of experience behind the lens, and cultivated artist’s eye, it’s easy to understand how Hopkins composes these polished, beautiful pictures.

Camera CreationsHopkins uses her love of dance to help couples relax during their photos. “I try to incorporate the flow and movement of dance whenever I am photographing people,” she says.

Camera Creations

Not only can Hopkins create these lustrous moments, but she also makes it a priority to really understand the couple she’s photographing. In doing so, she’s able to capture the moments, and photos, they truly want.

Camera Creations

Hopkins’ clean, smooth style lends itself well to weddings, particularly brides and grooms. She especially enjoys taking bride and groom portraits before the ceremony as a way to get to know the couple, and to get them “relaxed and invigorated for the day ahead.”

Camera Creations

In short, Hopkins focuses her lens on what’s truly important—the love between two people, and how they share it with their friends and family—recording their special day with care and consideration.  

For more of Julie Hopkins' lovely photographs, and information about her services, visit her website at Camera Creations.


5 Reasons to Consider a Day-After Photo Shoot

Oftentimes, the wedding day is a blur of incredible memories, family and friends, joy, love, and more joy. Trying to fit everything into a single day --from getting ready, to the cherished moments of your ceremony and the celebration at your reception, to finding the time to take all the wedding photos you want-- can be a challenge.

© Robert Tichy - Fotolia.com

You should definitely make a wedding shot list and arrange a plan of action with your wedding photographer, but if you’re still feeling short on time, here’s another option:  why not schedule a day-after shoot for all the photos you really want of you and your beloved without the rush of the wedding day?

There are many reasons couples are taking advantage of a day-after photo shoot. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Enjoy your day. Chances are, no matter what happens you’ll enjoy your wedding day, but wouldn’t it be great to have some breathing room? Obviously, you’ll want a few shots as a couple and individual portraits on the day, but then save the rest for your day-after shoot and spend the extra time eating cake with your friends and leading the conga line.
  2. Take the pressure off. Of course you want your wedding photos to be absolutely gorgeous, but if the perfect picture of you and your hubby kissing doesn’t come out, or you wanted just one more shot of your veil before you took it off, a day-after shoot is the perfect opportunity to get another chance at the photos you want.
  3. Go ahead, take a chance! Having a day-after shoot allows you to take some chances you might not want to risk on your wedding day. Go for the more dramatic makeup or the more high fashion hairdo and have fun!
  4. Location, location, location. Your ceremony site and wedding reception are obviously places you chose for a reason, but did you have any other places in mind when you thought about your wedding photos? Take some shots near your favorite landmarks, recreate scenes from your favorite movies, go for a run through the surf now that you don’t have to worry about your dress!
  5. Trash the Dress, anyone? Speaking of running through the surf, what better time to do a Trash The Dress photo shoot than the day after your wedding? Jump in a lake, ride on a tractor, climb a tree, you choose!

The day-after photo shoot is really all about you and your beloved. Whether you use it to take photos you might never have a reason to take, as a way to further capture the beauty and magic of your wedding, or as a great way to start off your honeymoon, a day-after shoot is definitely one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


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