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Featured Photographer | Larry Scott Photography

Larry Scott goes to great lengths (miles, in fact) to tell the unique story of a couple’s wedding through his photographs. As a destination wedding photographer, Scott capitalizes on the beauty of locales both near and far to highlight the atmosphere and emotions of the weddings he shoots.

Scott describes his style as “photojournalistic with a blend of traditional,” and all you need to do is look at his photos to see what he means. It can shine through as a twist on an archetypal shot,

Larry Scott Photography

or emerge in a quintessential wedding image from an unusual angle.

Larry Scott Photography

In short, Scott finds a way to make the classics look new.  And while he loves to travel, what Scott enjoys most about shooting weddings is catching “those special, candid, unrehearsed moments that are a part of every wedding.”

Be it the meaning in a small gesture,

Larry Scott Photography

or a memory in the making,

Larry Scott Photography

Scott is able to preserve in his photos the sentiment of a split second amidst the blur of the wedding day. For more of his superb photos and to learn more about the photographer himself, visit Larry Scott Photography.


Featured Photographer | C. van Rensburg Photo

Clive van Rensburg’s goal when photographing happy couples is for them “to appear in a photo as if the photographer was not there, casual and confident with spectacular lighting.” And with his extensive knowledge and experience of what goes on both in front of and behind the lens, van Rensburg knows precisely how to pull this off.

Whether it’s composing an impeccable portrait,

C. van Rensburg Photoor capturing a unique memory on camera,

C. van Rensburg Photovan Rensburg delivers. What’s more, van Rensburg is a great believer in not just being an accomplished photographer, but also truly understanding the workings of a wedding day. He stresses that a photographer's job should begin with putting the couple and the guests at ease, and then move on to melting into the background to record the events and magic as it unfolds. In short, if everyone is comfortable and having a wonderful time, splendid photos will follow.

And from enchanting fairytale-like shots,

C. van Rensburg Photo

to sweet, perfect moments,

C. van Rensburg Photo van Rensburg succeeds time and time again with this philosophy. For more of Clive van Rensburg’s beautiful photos, and information about his services, visit C. van Rensburg Photo.


Featured Photographer | Angel Navarro Photography

For Angel Navarro, it’s all about results. And Navarro’s results are unique, articulate stories in picture form. As a contemporary wedding photographer with a "traditional flair," he’s driven by both the desire to capture wedding images for his clients that will help them to remember their special day forever, as well as the endeavor of a fast-paced wedding photo shoot. Indeed, Navarro explains that to take photos that are artistic as well as technically complex is “a challenge that wakes [him] up on the morning of a shoot with lots of energy and enthusiasm.”

Navarro prides himself on going the extra distance for his clients. Whether the goal is to capture the sentiment of the occasion,

or the personalities of the subjects,

Navarro excels at hitting just the right note in his photographs. He has a particular talent for styling brides. Before the wedding, Navarro shoots bridal portraits tailored to each client so that they can showcase their dresses and their individuality prior to the rush of the wedding day.

In sum, Angel Navarro’s photos are memories in themselves--personal, touching and beautiful. For more of his work and information about his services in the Sarasota - Bradenton - Tampa - Orlando area, visit his website: Angel Navarro Photography.

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